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Case Briefs

New Jersey REALTORS®

Real estate agents in New Jersey had millions at stake. Proposed legislation would allow municipalities to impose a fee on residential real estate sales, which would depress home sales and harm the real estate industry.

New Jersey REALTORS® asked me to conduct an issue advocacy campaign to inform the public and educate legislators about the fee's impact on homeownership.

We reframed the debate around a costly and burdensome tax on the homes of New Jersey families by replacing the term "realty transfer fee" with "home sales tax" in all campaign ads and news releases.

Advertising channels included print, radio, and digital, and earned media included news releases, op-ed articles, letters to the editor, and editorial board visits.

The campaign's website featured a home sales tax calculator, beneath which we placed the campaign's online petition for individuals to register their opposition to a local home sales tax.

We also produced a "person on the street" video of New Jersey homeowners opposing the tax, which we posted on the campaign website and shared via email.

The campaign successfully dissuaded lawmakers from considering the legislation, and it was never scheduled for a vote in either the State Senate or General Assembly.


Thank you.

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